Miranda Jenkins

Miranda Jenkins, is part of our CURRENT CASES.

She used to be a school teacher, but quit her job in the 90s to become a full-time medium and occult practitioner. She was a Reiki practitioner, and offered services such as "energy healing workshops" involving crystals and meditation, and "negative energy removal", which sounds like a type of exorcism.

She was a frequent poster on several occult forums, and a member of a variety of Facebook groups relating to the occult. She DEFINITELY believed in faeries, but also believed that they were benevolent sprite-like creatures who could bless gardens and houses if you left offerings out for them.

Her own group, the Circle of the Sacred Spiral, met every Friday (Freya's Day!) and consisted entirely of women. The Sacred Spiral's website lists their aims as "awakening and revitalizing the female goddess within our hearts" and "bringing peace and healing energy to the world". The Facebook page for the group is full of posts about Priestess Miranda's disappearance, and her coven seems very worried about her. The disappearance seems recent. There is no specific connection between the Sacred Spiral and Mind Balm.

Miranda Jenkins

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