The lake itself seems to be a gate.  Sentient and / or evil?

Several Missing Persons have disappeared near here including Bhullar and Miranda Jenkins.

Fairy Lake is a deep, cold lake only 20 minutes from downtown Port Avalon. There is a beach and recreational site on the west shore of the lake, and several historical cabins along the east side. These date back to the founding of the city, and several are still occupied, including one particularly large mansion, the Historical Manor, at the end of a jutting arm of the lake.

Notes: Many missing people. Missing people include Lawyer, Wiccan Priestess, Teen Boy, and Young Girl.  Lake and mists around lake might be gates.  There is a curse here — who placed it and what are the conditions?  Lake has evil aura.  Might be sentient. 

Sleep Clinic clients have disappeared here.  Might be a connection?

Recreation site managed by Ned Jorgenson

Historical Manor managed by Gateway Properties, a historical society?

Traditional territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation.


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