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Sleep Clinic client.  Lawyer. Medium.  Office Ransacked.  Mist looking into Sleep Clinic

Navjinder Harsimrit Bhullar had some interesting hobbies – fishing, mostly, but he was also an avid rock climber and had a membership at a local boulder-gym. He didn't, however, have any sort occult leanings until quite recently.

Bhullar's social media presence links to the username "astropunk359". This username was active on a lot of skeptic forums and IIRC channels during the late 90s, and Bhullar even maintained a skeptics blog. Christopher Hutchins and Richard Dawkins became heroes to Bhullar, and he was apparently quite a staunch atheist.

He never spoke on his blog about what caused his skepticism to change, but around 2008, he stopped posting on most of his usual sites, and joined several occult groups online. Most of these were about dream interpretations and near-death experiences, and in early 2015, he started offering his services as a medium to a small, select clientele. He didn't use his real name for these services, likely to protect his professional image as a lawyer.  Under a different name, Bhullar ran Mind Balm Medium Service.

His medium service was run from his condo in the Financial District.  His home was ransacked and it seems like people may be sleeping there.

He had a dream journal with disturbing portents: 

He notes on the first page that recording the dreams that have been tormenting him is part of the treatment process. Then, page after page of the journal is filled with descriptions of really vivid dreams, with rather terrifying scribbled pictures of huge eyes peering out of pools of blackness. He sees portents of doom – Port Avalon burning as ghosts fly overhead, Port Avalon frozen under layers of ice, Port Avalon as a tsunami wipes it off the map.

He also sees what you would recognize as Fae creatures… A shadowy creature stalking the North Woods; a tall warrior with a horned helm riding on a ashen-eyed elk; a woman with ink bleeding from her eyes.

Then, just before he stopped updating the journal, he was having recurring dreams about a house in the woods by a lake. There was someone there – most often a woman, once a child, and once an older man – each of whom promised him comfort and succour, and to make his dreams stop. You're uncomfortably reminded of your own experience with the house by Fairy Lake.


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